AKA Hybrid DNA

AKA Hybrid DNA cigar

I always have fun when I’m with the boys over at CigarChat. A few weeks ago, Robby and Logan got their hands on AKA Cigars owner Jay Lundy for an open interview session and for a great giveaway prize of AKA Cigars swag. Not knowing much about AKA Cigars, I decided to pick a few sticks of the Respect Hooah and the Hybrid DNA to see what the fuss is all about prior to the interview. While I did manage to ask Jay a question or two, I didn’t have enough time to actually smoke the Hybrid until days later. Here’s what I think of this cigar.


After taking the AKA Hybrid DNA out of its cellophane wrapper, I was fairly impressed by the cigar’s quality construction. The wrapper had some toothiness in its texture and didn’t have any rips or tears at all, nor did it have any seam imperfections. The body was solid throughout without any soft spots, though it did have a few big veins. Hints of raisin and chocolate came from the foot, and the slightly less-than-perfect draw brought out hints of raisin as well.


A blast of pepper and wood was my first initial introduction to the cigar’s flavors. However, these flavors then mellowed down to reveal a cocoa note, especially around the last part of the first third.┬áThe second third was all about nuts, cocoa and wood, with an ample amount of spice on a clean medium finish and a faint hint of raisin. The same flavor composition carried through the last third with the spice essentially fading into the background. Overall, this cigar was a medium-bodied explosion of flavors that displayed some complexity throughout the smoking experience. It’s a great mid- to full-strength cigar that also offers a varying degree of smoothness.


A slanting burn line persisted from the first third all the way through the second third. It wasn’t causing any problems nor did it require any touch-ups, but it thankfully leveled around the end of the second third of the cigar. However, the burn line did show a some problems around the middle of the last third, requiring a bit of a touch-up and eventually a re-light. The cigar’s firm, white ash had a fine texture to it and impressively held on until the last half of stick. The smoke profile was also quite good, with billowing creamy smoke from each puff that was facilitated by a draw that became perfect around the end of the first third.

Overall Insights

Overall, the AKA Hybrid DNA is an above average cigar. I’ve enjoyed its flavors and though there’s a small problem with its burn, I wouldn’t mind buying a few more of these sticks from time to time. However, I’ve only managed to buy this stick online and at nearly 9 bucks a stick, it’s a few cents on the high side of the price spectrum for me. That being said, the AKA Hybrid DNA earns a fourth-drawer rating.



  1. I really enjoyed the one I had. I haven’t gotten around to smoking the Respect I have, yet.

  2. Ian Babcock says:

    I don’t know how else to put it… It intrigues me from a flavor description it appears to have an underground low profile appeal just by appearances… Distinctly absent advertising dollar headed right for a showy presentation.

  3. thisnewsight says:

    I admit to being intrigued by this cigar.

    I was wondering if you could include the prices (when possible) and where it was purchased (again… if possible). Because I want to know if I’m buying my cigars at a shop that grossly inflates prices and would love to compare. NJ seemingly has an obscene amount of tax on cigars.

    Have you heard about the new SCHIP tax?

    • dpalileo says:

      Thanks for the input Ryan! @dromedello suggested I do the same and I’ve been doing it whenever I can (the pricing and purchase location, that is). I’ll try to make it a more permanent staple in my reviews as soon as I can.

      I’ve heard about the SCHIP tax. From what I gather, some states use cigar taxes to fund SCHIP which, in some sense, isn’t unreasonable. What I do find unreasonable is the amount of tax levied against each cigar. Again, I don’t know much about this nor have I kept myself up to date, so I’m probably not the best person to talk to about it. :)

  4. David says:

    Nice Review. I had both the AKA Hybrid and Respect cigars and I thought they were Both well worth the price. They Both have very unique flavor profiles and Both are totally different from each other with the Hybrid being more medium body and the Repsect full body but not over powering. I live in Texas so our state taxes are very low compared to other states. You can find AKA at http://www.seriouscigars.com The “Schip Tax” is a Federal Tax that helps fund a children’s health care deal. This tax is 0.40 cents per cigar and is taxed directly to every manufacturer importing their cigars into the country so there is no way around this. States “Seperately” charge their own State Excise Tax and these taxes vary from state to state. Northern States are Crazy with their excise taxes!!! Thanks !!


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