Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B

Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B cigars

Today’s been a bit of a busy day so I decided to relax by spending some time with this Arturo Fuente Chateau Fuente Queen B.


You can tell from the photo above that this was a well-constructed cigar. The beautiful Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper was just magnificent with its oily sheen while the veins added a bit of artful character to the cigar’s overall profile. It had no tears or imperfections at all, which is probably attributable to the cedar wrapping that accompanies every Chateau Fuente cigar, though it lacked toothines. ¬†Naturally, the body exuded aromas of cedar due to the cedar wrapper. However, the foot gave hints of sweet herbal tea which was quite surprising. The draw was a little tighter than expected, but it didn’t suggest any problems whatsoever.¬†


Leather, wood and a mild dose of spice was the greeting I received during the first few minutes from the first third. A bit of a coffee flavor became apparent on the second third and the spice was more pronounced, while the leather flavor became less only to come back again during the last part of the smoking experience. A surprising appearance of herbal tea notes started around the middle point of the cigar and blended well with the leather and wood flavors the became the signature notes for the last half of the stick.

The last third also saw the reappearance of spicy flavors that left a tingling sensation on the lips. The retrohale delivered an interesting combination of chocolate and nuts, and there were times when these two flavors would interchange throughout the entire smoking time. The finish was slightly on the short side of this mid-strength, light-bodied cigar.


The Queen B definitely showed more of its regal quality with its burn and smoke characteristics. Its burn line was fairly even throughout the entire stick and didn’t require and adjustments or re-lights whatsoever, leaving a firm, white ash that was not as flaky as some of the cigars I’ve had over the past few days (the Montecristo Platinum being the most notorious example). If it weren’t for me accidentally knocking the ash over, I’m sure it would have gone past the halfway point of the stick. It was just that good looking of an ash. Unfortunately, the smoke was a quite lackluster with its light profile that persisted throughout the entire length of the cigar. Thankfully, the aroma was enjoyable with its sweet cedar smell.

Overall Insights

If you want to try a good Arturo Fuente cigar, then the Queen B should be on your list. This stick not only looks great; it also delivers a unique flavor profile that anyone can probably find enjoyable. There’s a great balance between strength and flavor, and there’s a lot to appreciate as far as the burn and ash are concerned.

Unfortunately, I would have wanted this cigar to have a better smoke profile. That lack of creaminess in the smoke left me wishing that something would magically change sooner or later, but alas, that was just wishful thinking. Priced at around 8 bucks a stick, I’ll be buying more and storing them on the fourth shelf of my humidor.


  1. Roberto says:

    Looking delicious, I will try to find it.
    Meanwhile I had bought Chateau Fuente
    Rare estate reserve 1992
    A nice box of 3 extra rare (and expansive :( ) cigars.
    Hope will be good as the Queen B

  2. Southern says:

    Of all of the Fuente’s I’ve tried this was the most disappointing. The taste was almost watered down.


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