AVO Limited Edition 2012 La Trompeta

AVO Limited Edition 2012 La Trompeta cigar

I had the pleasure of having two sticks of this year’s continuation of AVO’s much-acclaimed anniversary series, thanks to fellow cigar afficionados @indionapolis and @cigarinn of Instagram. If you’re ever in New York, don’t forget to visit Cigar Inn (www.cigarinn.com) . Grab a few cigars, get your photo posted on their Instagram feed and don’t forget to grab a Cigar Inn “Become Your Dream” shirt! I’m still waiting on getting my hands on one.

Quick Details

  • Size: 6 1/2 x 54
  • Origin: Dominican Republic
  • Wrapper: Ecuador Sun Grown
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican and Peruvian Blend
  • Price: Around $17.00 per stick


The first unique thing I noticed about the La Trompeta were the three circles cut from tobacco leaves that were pasted on the cigar’s body. These were pasted there to mimic trumpet valves, thereby making the entire cigar look like a trumpet–an homage to Avo Uvezian’s passion for music. The signature AVO band is ofcourse present, but tehre’s a second band underneath it that further makes the distinction that this is no ordinary AVO cigar. The stick is rather crude looking with a few prominent veins popping up to disrupt the cigar’s smooth body line, but at least the wrapper is free from any further imperfections such as holes or rips.

Notes of chocolate, nuts and earth permeate from the cigar’s foot and perfect draw while earthy tobacco scents come from the cigar’s body, which was supple to the touch.


AVO cigars are usually known for their smooth and sophisticated flavor delivery ,and the La Trompeta basically adheres to this same tradition. Notes of leather, brown sugar, wood and a slight spicy sensation greets me through the first few minutes of the cigar. The finish is short and sweet, and a nutmeg-like flavor begins to emerge through the retrohale, with nutty flavors making their presence known from time to time.

More of the nutmeg and roasted nuts flavors come through around the second half of the cigar. At this point, the flavors are definitely more chewy, but it still retains that complex and sophisticated experience from the first half of the stick. THe finish is also becoming longer, but overall, the cigar gives a medium body combined with a medium strength kick.


The Trompeta’s burn line isn’t exactly razor-sharp, but it’s straight enough by most standards and isn’t jagged or unpredictable. However, it does become better as the burn progresses towards the end, only to falter into a canoeing burn line during the last few minutes of the smoking experience. It wasn’t a big concern considering where the canoe issue started (I was about to put it out anyway). The smoke profile was pleasant and carried a nutmeg aroma while the ash was firm enough to hold on until past the halfway point of the stick.

Overall Insights

As a whole, the La Trompeta was an enjoyable cigar. The signature AVO blend was definitely present, and there’s something with its flavor profile that I liked, particularly with its complexity and richness towards the end. The uniqueness of its appearance is also something that I appreciated, though some might argue that the three pasted circles look a bit cheesy. All that aside however, I don’t think this cigar is good enough for a top shelf rating. Perhaps it’s just the expectation of the hype surrounding it or something else, but there’s nothing about it that really blows me away. I’m pegging it as a good fourth drawer cigar.

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