Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto

Rocky Patel Sun Grown Robusto cigar

Like most people, there are certain cigars that I love, certain cigars that I don’t like, and of course, cigars that I don’t particularly care for one way or the other. Rocky Patel’s cigars are probably some of the ones that fall in the latter category in my book. There’s no doubt that the company produces good cigars, just not the ones that I would buy over and over again regardless of the price. However, I do buy RP cigars from time to time to give to close friends, especially when I know they’ll appreciate such gifts.

This particular cigar was one such gift that I received (talk about karma, haha!) a few months back in a trade with a good IG buddy of mine. Now that it’s had time to rest in the humidor, I figured today was a good time to enjoy it and see what it has in store for me.


Just like most Rocky Patel cigar, the Sun Grown robusto is a very decent looking stick. The cgiar had no wrapper imperfections, has a very noticeable heft and sports an unassuming double band not unlike most Rocky Patel products. There’s not a lot of aroma from the foot and the slightly tight draw, but the body carried a slightly pungent spice.


A blast of spice during the first few puffs with a faint hint of floral afternote akin to roses is what greets me through the first few puffs. There are wood and coffee flavors present as well, with wood becoming the focal point of a short finish. The second third then opens up to a slight citrus zest and cream flavors with a surprising raisin aftertaste. More raisin and cream then become more apparent in the last third, and the appearance of burnt toast flavors provides an interesting diversion at this late stage.


The Sun Grown robusto’s overall burn profile didn’t give me any problems whatsoever. The burn line was fairly even and stayed consistent throughout the entire time, and there was ample smoke coming from both the burn line and the draw that carried a sweet wooden aroma. The ash was also very decent, falling around the middle of the second third.

Overall Insights

In a lot of ways, Rocky Patel’s Sun Grown robusto is perhaps a good example of a good middle-of-the-road kind of cigar.┬áIt was hard to find something that I didn’t like with this particular stick. I loved the smooth flavor shifts, the medium strength and body, and there was a bit of complexity in its flavor that was very enjoyable. While it didn’t pose any problems or trouble spots, nothing about it stood out to really impress me either. In addition, not exactly something that one can smoke on a daily basis with a price point of around $8.00 per stick. For all these reasons, the RP Sun Grown robusto earns our third-drawer rating.

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  1. thisnewsight says:

    “Middle of the road cigar” is a great way to explain this cigar. I agree with you. This is the only Rocky Patel that I can tolerate. Then again, I haven’t tried them all.

    I gave it a personal rating of 87.


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