Tatuaje Reserva J21 – A SouthernAsh.com Review

Tatuaje Reserva J21 Cigar

Usually, I’ll read a bit about a cigar before I smoke and review it. For fun, i smoked this cigar before doing any research. I was curious to see what I could pull out with my tastebuds.

I knew very little about Tatuaje Cigars. I was aware of Pete Johnson and thought he was the guy that used to be married to Sandra Bullock. I had seen Tatuaje marketing and thought their branding catered to bikers, rock stars and avid Affliction fans. Thus, I expected this cigar to be edgy with bold flavors; like a rock star, right? Enough day-dreaming about these fantasy lifestyles; It’s t-Shirt time!

This is a beautifully constructed cigar. The wrapper is rich brown and devoid of vein or tooth. The J21 appears to be of the robusto variety, sized at 5 X 50.


Immediately spicy with a little bit of white petter and cedar. Draw is fantastic. Ash is a dirty grey. Two or three puffs and I’m starting to taste something distinctly Habano.

First Third

Definitely a sweet, cuban seed. Im thinking CAO La Traviata or Gurkha Evil. Its the dominant flavor. Possibly a hint of nuttiness. It appears to be medium-full. This is a very well-made cigar. The burn is razor sharp and holds on. The taste does not change, it is simply rich, Habano tobacco.

Second Third

The flavor does not change until halfway through the second third where it really broadens out. The sweetness doesnt bite the tip of your tongue, it hits more of your tastebuds. Spice and Pepper begin to come through to match the sweetness. Now this cigar is smoking like a rock star! There’s a ton of flavor.

Final Third

Sadly, just after entering the final third is where this cigar went south for me, burning hot and tasting bitter. With about an inch and a half left, I deposited my cigar in a nearby drain.

After doing some pecking around, I found that this is indeed Nicaraguan filler and binder with (you guessed it) an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper.

While I wasnt exactly impressed by this cigar I have nothing negative to say about it. In fact, the construction was so remarkable that I would definitely try this cigar in a different size and will be buying more Tatuaje cigars in the future. The cigar has so many elements of being a winner that despite the tatted up sleeves and extreme edginess, Tatuaje must be doing something right.

About the reviewer: Bradley Phillips is a baby cigar blogger and a friend to small animals and the elderly. He has an overly pretentious blog about cigars and southern hospitality called SouthernAsh.com. You can find Southern Ash on twitter (https://twitter.com/#!/SouthernAshBlog) and facebook (http://www.facebook.com/pages/Southern-Ash-Blog/355623491116962).


  1. SouthernAsh says:

    Thanks for posting the review! Keep Smokin’!

  2. zizuzi2000 says:

    “Sadly, just after entering the final third is where this cigar went south for me, burning hot and tasting bitter”
    recently I had the same experiences with two particular brands (i wouldn’t tell the name because I wont give discredit without be sure that is not just my bad tastebuds).
    here above, I find interesting you said that is due to Nicaraguan filler and binder with Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Please, could you detail a little bit more?
    ..and by the way, was your review matching with “literature”?

    • zizuzi2000 says:

      Ops.. sorry.. I just read about the reviewer. I don’t think I ll get the reply from him.
      do you know anything about Nicaraguan filler and binder with Ecuadorian Habano wrapper ?

      • dpalileo says:

        Hey Roberto. That basically means that the filler and binder were grown in Nicaragua and the wrapper was grown in Ecuador. It’s possible that the wrapper was grown with Cuban-seed tobacco, or it can also refer to the shade of the wrapper, in which case it’s basically between a colorado to colorado-maduro color.


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