Viaje Satori Karma 2011

Viaje Satori Karma 2011 cigar

Viaje’s one of those boutique brands that have really made some big waves ever since their limited release cigars were introduced. These limited release cigars are always highly sought after not only because they’re produced in limited quantities but also because of their quality and flavors.

The Satori Karma is a good example of this. However, unlike most Viaje limited release cigars that will only be released just once, the Satori is going to be produced on a yearly basis, which makes the Satori a more accessible cigar. Not as accessible as Viaje’s core line of cigars, but at least not as hard to find as other favorites such as the Mystery 2011, the Fat Man, MOAB, et. al.

I picked up a few of these from my trip to Hawaii last December. Here’s my review.

Quick Details

  • Cigar size: 5 x 52
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Price: $9.50 to $13.00 online (if you can find it)


The Satori is adorned with a beautiful band that’s interestingly unique in its use of Asian-inspired design and iconography. A very subdued touch of elegance in its use of golden accents is almost easy to overlook unless you’re looking at the band closely, and I for one appreciate subtle details like this.

Looking further, the usual hallmarks of a good quality cigar can be found: oily and toothy wrapper, tight seams, small veins and little to no wrapper imperfections are all covered. The cigar is also very dense; definitely no soft spots on its body at all. Amazingly, the draw isn’t tight at all and is in fact quite perfect.

As far as aromas and scents are concerned, a fruity raisin-like element can be found on the foot, body and cold draw. Notes of wood and spice can also be detected from the body, while the draw offers up aromas of hay and tobacco.


A spicy combination of wood, coffee and earth are the base flavors of this cigar during the first third . A bit of dark chocolate and faint hints of raisin also appear during the long spicy finish, which, by the way, is quite dry; there’s no oily or buttery aftertaste to be detected in this particular stick–at least for now.

The second third shows off a flavor combination of spice, wood and raisin. It’s a very unique flavor combination that adds sophistication and complexity to the entire smoking experience. There’s also an introduction of nutty flavors well into this part of the stick. So far, the flavors are upper medium and the strength is medium to full.

A heavier version of coffee and wood begin to dominate the last third of the cigar. However, the flavor delivery is still very smooth and sophisticated. Gone is the spicy aspect of the flavor profile, but the nutty and raisin flavors still linger around the finish.


The Satori’s burn line was relatively even, but it was somewhat jagged particularly during the first third of the stick. It got sharper at around the second third, but it was still slanted which led my to believe that it might potentially bring up canoeing problems, but thankfully that didn’t occur.

The smoke was very pleasant, producing a thick profile that carried a floral-like aroma combined with scents of wood.

However, the ask was a bit questionable on this cigar. While it was strong, its appearance was very crude and bulky. It was also quite flaky, with flakes falling off every now and then. Not exactly something to worry about, but something to take notice of.

Overall Insights

Viaje’s Satori Karma is one impressive cigar. It’s more enjoyable than the Skull and Bones Mystery 2011 that we reviewed a few months back. I loved the flavor changes and the complexity of each third, and the intensity of the cigar’s overall flavor profile proved to be quite enjoyable to the nub. The nicotine kick is also present, but it’s not as strong; just enough to let you know it’s there. However, I do find it hard to appreciate the cigar’s dry finish. Regardless of that, I’ll be buying more of these as they become available, and they’ll be staying in the fourth drawer of my humidor.


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