Berger & Argenti Entubar V32 Khilla Korona

Berger & Argenti Entubar V32 Khilla Korona cigar

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a local cigar event last Thursday night at 82nd Avenue Tobacco by Ed Ryan, a fellow Portlander and cigar aficionado . As it usually is with these cigar events, great conversations and great smokes were the norm, but the coolest thing about the event was the fact that there was a special on select cigar brands. I picked up a few cigars such as the El Primer Mundo Epifania and got myself a free Berger & Argenti Entubar V32 Khilla Korona which is today’s featured review.

Quick Details

  • Cigar size: 4 7/8 x 50
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Nicaraguan Cuban Seed Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaragua
  • Filler: Nicaragua
  • Price: $9.50 online


Aside from the bright yellow advisory band on the cigar’s foot that tells you to “thoroughly toast the entire foot before smoking,” the other striking feature of this cigar is the filler that protrudes about a quarter of an inch from the base of the foot. It stands as a very obvious reminder of the cigar’s entubado rolling method which is one of the major selling points of the cigar.

From there, the usual hallmarks of a finely crafted cigar are present: dark oily wrapper, tight seams, few medium-sized veins and a very solid body with a hefty feel.

Tea-like notes, faint cherry and spicy aromas can be found on the foot while the body exudes a light tobacco scent. A sweeter version of that tea-like aroma also comes through the perfect draw.


A good combination of earth, chocolate and a blast of spice starts off my introduction of the cigar’s first third. Wood and faint cherry flavors also appear during the cigar’s long finish, and the spicy flavor also becomes part of the cigar’s aftertaste as it gives that very common tickle to the back of the throat.

The flavor profile then begins to transition into a more complex profile during the second third of the cigar. The chocolate and earth combination is still there, but a more notable concoction of nuts and woody flavors begins to make its presence known as well. The spicy finish is still part of this complex mixture of savory flavors and keeps itself at an even keel. In addition, the cherry flavor that I detected during the first third also comes in from time to time.

The cigar’s savory flavors ramp up a bit during the last third where a richer mix of wood, chocolate and nutty flavors becomes the norm. The cherry note also becomes more apparent but it’s still nuanced just like the rest of the flavors around this part of the stick, and a faint cinnamon spice replaces the peppery kick from the first two-thirds of the smoking experience. Overall, it’s a cigar that carries an upper medium body and strength.


The burn line was a bit jagged during the first third of the cigar but it was still relatively even. ONe interesting observation I had was that the V32 Khilla Korona puts out a lot of smoke from the burn line; something similar to Gurkha’s Spec Ops but not as much as the Liga Privada sticks that I’ve also come to enjoy lately. The smoke output from the draw is similarly good if not better, producing thick billowing smoke from every puff.

The ash looked a bit crude and flaky, but it was impressively quite firm, holding on until the middle of the stick.

Overall Insights

With a very savory and complex flavor profile, beautiful craftsmanship and hassle-free burn mechanics, the Entubar V32 Khilla Korona is definitely a great cigar. There’s a good degree of boldness to its flavors, but not so much as to overpower the palate. At $9.50 per stick, I honestly think the cigar is well worth the price and earns our top drawer rating.


  1. Paul says:

    Nice review Dale. I haven’t smoked my V32 yet, but really enjoyed the Entubar Quad Maduro from B&A. This looks and sounds like another winner.

  2. I haven’t had this particular size, but all the others I’ve had have been absolutely fantastic. If you’re a Maduro fan, you should really search these out.  

  3. That is such an interesting looking cigar I am going to have to order one. You mentioned the Gurkha Spec-Ops for comparison and that is one of my fallback cigars (I smoke one every year on my birthday).

    • dpalileo says:

      Thanks for the comment Lance! I only mention the Spec-Ops in relation to the cigar’s smoke output from the burn line. In terms of flavor, the Spec-Ops is nothing compared to the Entubar V32. It’s like comparing watered down coffee to a cup of cappuccino.


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