Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City Toro

Fuente Fuente OpusX Lost City Toro Cigar

I will be a guest blogger on Cigar Insights and will appear from time to time.  I work in a major cigar store and smoke cigars everyday.  My goal as a collector is to keep refining my humidors till they are filled with what I myself would consider great cigars.

I realize that everyone’s palette and tastes are different so this is just my take on the above cigar. The Fuente Fuente Lost City is a very hard to find cigar if you’re not really digging deep into your pockets.  Most places do not carry them and there are a few places they can be obtained online for the right price.  I keep this cigar in my humidor whenever I need to have a righteous smoke that surpasses any middle-of-the-row cigar. You know there are those times when you want to smoke something truly exceptional? This cigar makes all the rest pale in comparison.


First let’s say that the whole cigar is a Dominican puro (meaning the whole cigar wrapper, binder, and filler is made in the Dominican Republic).  The outside leaf is a nice light shade with hints of darkness from the aging.  The tobacco was specifically aged for 5 years for this project and I think it is the reason that makes this cigar amazing.  There are no flaws and it just looks rich and smooth.  It has a very attractive band to match it and the combo is a very powerful thing to look at. The cigar boasts a slight box-press look, which I happen to really like a lot because it’s just another thing that adds uniqueness to the cigar. Only the best rollers at the factory who get the privilege of taking part in its construction supposedly construct this particular stick. That again is another thing to add to its quality.

There is an amazing aroma coming from the cigar without even lighting it you can smell a host of things.  Sweetness and a rich floral tobacco aroma grace the cigar.  I use my traditional guillotine cutter for this and took a dry draw.  You can immediately tell that there are aspects of the OpusX here with still a sweet taste and depth.


If you’re expecting the strong spice off the Lost City then you are not going to be happy at all because it’s not there.  Instead, there is this amazingly rich and creamy smoke. You receive this level of depth immediately from the cigar. I happen to really like the Toro size here because the length of the cigar allows for the smoke to cool before it hits your palette. There are hints of cinnamon and a sweet almost vanilla type flavor that accompanies the Lost City’s flavor profile. Midway through, the cigar picks up a medium body and holds it for the remainder of the cigar.  The flavors go back and forth and you are hit with almost a mythical dynamic that I have yet to see another cigar deliver.


The Lost City’s burn profile is not the greatest but it’s also not the worst. However, it sometimes affects the burn line. It’s normal to have a perfect burn as 1 out of every 10 cigars in a box can give you an issue especially with box-pressed formats. The few I have smoked have burned perfect so I’m giving it top marks for that. The ash is so strong you can stand your cigar up on it. From the start of the cigar to the half waypoint you are greeted with a mild/medium-bodied smoke.

Overall Insights

This cigar is by far one of the best I have ever smoked.  The price tag is hefty at around 30 dollars, but I tell you it’s worth it.  The cigar is mythical in both its flavor and it’s construction. The smoke is rich and dynamic and the Lost City delivers every time.  I would put this cigar up to almost any challenge it is on another level when it comes to domestically available tobacco.


  1. thisnewsight says:

    I’ve been salivating for a chance to smoke one of these. I’ve been putting money away every month to save up for a box of 10!

    Your write up just solidified other people’s opinion, the one’s I’ve read.

  2. I had one of these gifted to me by my local tobacconist. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s fantastic!

  3. zizuzi2000 says:

    This is a tribute of love. Great review and I m happy because we have Fuente Fuente also in Italy but the “lost city”. So, I can find almost the same in other Opus X. Thank Brianm

  4. Wayne says:

    Great review, I think I’m going to purchase a box of 10 in the future if they are still available..

  5. DiamondLifestyle says:

    I liked this cigar but wasn’t really impressed. I have another one in the humidor. I’ll give that one a try before I rule them out. As for now, I’d much rather have the God of Fire if I’m going to be spending $30.

  6. Grendel4545 says:

    Great review, “special guest” very well written and you’ve achieved a feat in that you made me actually want to try this cigar, usually if I’m spending $30 on a stick it’s a cohiba esplendido however my interest has been peaked thanks


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