Tatuaje Fausto Avion 11 Perfecto Grande

Tatuaje Fausto Avion 11 Perfecto Grande cigar

I’ve been kicking myself silly for not getting a few sticks of the Avion during my last trip to Seattle where I had a chance to visit J & J Cigars. Imagine my surprise and delight when I found out one of my favorite local cigar shops started carrying it along with other Tatuaje favorites such as the Fausto and the La Casita Criolla!

As many of you probably already know, the Avion is basically an offshoot from Pete Johnson’s Fausto line and is made at Jaime Garcia’s My Father Cigars S.A. It’s supposed to be a more behaved and spicier version of the Fausto, with a limited production release every year in a different size while still keeping the perfecto shape.

Quick Details

  • Cigar size: 6 3/4 x 52
  • Origin: Nicaragua
  • Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano Maduro
  • Binder: Nicaraguan
  • Filler: Nicaraguan
  • Price: $9.50 online


At first blush the Avion is a stunner of a cigar. Its perfecto shape is wrapped in a beautiful, oily and chocolate-colored wrapper with seams that are very hard to distinguish from the wrapper’s small veins. The cigar itself is heavy when held, and it has this box-pressed look to it similar to the San Lotano Oval. Because of this, the cigar’s body does feel slightly spongy throughout.

A note of sweet fermented tobacco and spice permeates from its body and foot while a faint hint of chocolate comes from its perfect draw.


Chocolate, wood and spice seem to dominate the flavor profile of this cigar during the first third of the cigar. An interplay of coffee and spice also appear in the cigar’s long finish, and the entire taste is utterly delicious with just the right amount of boldness. A notable yet faint hint of licorice-like sweetness then appears around the middle part of the first third.

The licorice flavor starts to become more prominent during the second third of the cigar and is accompanied by a slightly meaty aftertaste. Also present is the spicy note, which is still as potent as it was during the first third of the stick, and the combination of wood and chocolate flavors still form the background for all of the flavor components.

Once the burn line reaches the last third, the flavors become more dense and heavy but still very complex, offering a creamier version of the flavors that I’ve detected so far. There’s a potent nicotine strength kick around this part of the cigar which gives an impression of an upper-medium body and strength.


The burn line seemed to start off a bit jagged, but it was generally even and didn’t present any problems. However, it did become razor-sharp around the end of the second third.┬áBeautiful plumes of thick smoke come from the perfect draw, and the ash held on until the middle of the stick, which is quite impressive considering the Avion’s length.

Overall Insights

With just the right amount of spice and sweetness, the Avion is definitely a wonderful little number from Pete Johnson. In fact, that interplay between its spicy and sweet flavors is perhaps this cigar’s defining characteristic, and it’s a good one at that. I’ll be looking forward to its future releases while enjoying the ones that I currently have. Definitely a top shelf cigar for me.


  1. If you ever find anything up in the Seattle/Olympia area that you can’t find down in PDX just let me know and I can go grab them for you. It sounds like the flavor profile would be a great “spring” cigar!

    • dpalileo says:

      Thanks Lance! I should have asked you when I was looking for the Room 101 OSOK. I got those from @AntiSoberSam a while back. However, there are a few Tatuaje limited release cigars that I would like to get my hands on. Perhaps if I find a shop that has them around the Seattle area I shall contact you. :)

  2. thisnewsight says:

    Very excited to try this stick, it’s been sitting in my humidor for about a month and a half now. Your review makes it harder to resist


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